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Hoochie Mama - Coming release


It's been a fairly quiet year on the gig front with the covid crisis. So Hoochie Mama have used the time to release their first single " Unchain My Heart" It's a classic song from one of the greats Ray Charles.

Recorded at Hercules studios and finishing touches at Supernova Studio by Craig Portiels who has worked with many Artist from Guns and Roses ,Terence Trent D'Arby to our own Shannon Noll,

Adam Brand and now Hoochie Mama.

It's a raw and powerfull rendition and a true representation of the band which they have been honing their sound playing live around the Sydney scene.

Due for release on all streaming sites on the 7th August 2020.

Hoochie Mama


Lookout for more music from Hoochie Mama with 2 originals already in the can and will follow the release of Unchain My Heart in the coming months.

Hoochie Mama - 2nd single 2022

Stay tuned for Hoochie Mama's New single and video.

'Last Dime Whiskey and my Motorbike'


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